10 tender and emotional phrases to dedicate to your rainbow baby

10 tender and emotional phrases to dedicate to your rainbow baby

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Suffering the loss of a baby is probably one of the most unimaginable pains that occur to me for a person, something that I do not wish for anything in the world to my worst enemy, because it is something unnatural. Those who have unfortunately had to go through this trance, have seen their life become cloudy and only with the arrival of a new child, they have seen the sun rise. And that is the rainbow baby, the one that comes into the lives of parents after the storm, it's the best thing that can happen to them! The light that guides them on the way. What if we say it with words full of love and hope?10 emotional phrases you can dedicate to your rainbow baby.

There are many special phrases that really encompass what it means to love a child after a loss. A new baby will never replace a lost child, but rainbow babies definitely have a special place in the hearts of parents. Hopefully these quotes bring some kind of peace and you will read them to your little one when he is older. You can do it on August 22, Rainbow Baby Day, or recite them at any date or time of the year that is important to you and him.

1. 'For this child we have prayed'
This quote from the Bible (Samuel 1: 27-28) is truly charming and perfect for parents who find comfort in religion. And it is that a rainbow baby is truly a special blessing, a gift from heaven!

2. 'The bigger your storm, the brighter your rainbow'
Those who have suffered a horrible loss really appreciate what comes next (unknown).

3. 'When we lose a blessing, another is often unexpectedly given in its place'
Very true and very moving. This is basically the definition of a rainbow baby. Phrase of the great C.S. Lewis, literary critic and novelist.

4. 'Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud'
And your rainbow baby is certainly that, piercing through the darkness and becoming a beacon of light. Maya Angelou, writer and social rights activist in the United States.

5. 'No rain, no flowers'
Without trials and tribulations, true joy and happiness cannot be experienced, at least that's what some philosophers say. Your rainbow baby is definitely your little flower that saw the light after a storm, although none of this rules out the pain and grief over its loss. Anonymous.

6. 'Look for the rainbow, not the rain'
The arrival of your little one is the best thing that has happened to you after a horrible situation and should be celebrated. But remember to give yourself time to assimilate everything you have lived through and, above all, to heal that wound that is slowly healing. (Unknown)

7. 'Be the rainbow in the storms of life. The afternoon ray that smiles at the clouds and is tinted tomorrow with prophetic rays'
Lord Byron, author of this phrase, is a great master of words, a genius! and this time he has shown it again. No comment!

8. 'We needed something to express our joy, our beauty and our power. And the rainbow did that '
Nothing better to express how strong you are and what you have overcome than a rainbow baby. And your sweet baby will be an expression of your joy. Gilbert Baker, American activist.

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9. 'Walk a rainbow path and a path of songs and everything about you will be beauty. There's a way out of every dark mist on a rainbow trail '
Losing a child is a long and horrible journey. You may feel that it will never get better and you will always feel darkness and walk in a dark mist forever, but there is a way out for every dark mist, according to Robert Motherwell, an American painter.

10. 'Somewhere over the archris, the skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true '
This verse belongs to the theme of 'Somewhere over the rainbow', from the mythical movie 'The Wizard of Oz'. We suggest that you listen to this song together with your little one and let yourself be enveloped by it, because your rainbow is here. The skies are blue and the dreams that you thought unattainable are now here, in your arms. Again, none of this rules out the pain and grief you've felt over her loss, it doesn't erase any of it. But it can be an ointment for your wounds, reminding you that hope is abundant, and so is love. Your heart has room for everything.

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