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When overinformation in pregnancy can be harmful

When overinformation in pregnancy can be harmful

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Although it sounds completely wrong, an excess of data and information can be counterproductive in any scenario, even during the stage where we should be most informed, pregnancy. This is not a result of the amount of information that we can acquire, but because of the way we filter and use it. And it is that very few times we usually verify the accuracy of everything we find and, instead of answering doubts, we prefer to stay with it and create our own television series in mind. Going back to the topic we mentioned at the beginning,when overinformation in pregnancy is harmful, Let's see what consequences it entails for parents.

Many parents in their attempt to have the best alternatives and be perfect parents incessantly turn to the web or guide books to find out everything about pregnancy. Not only in one or two, but in all those who can read, where they inquire about health problems or complications that must be protected and practice all the home advice they offer.

But sometimes, these tips do not necessarily work for them, managing instead to increase their anxiety levels, future worries and affect the quality of the mother's well-being, even becoming obsessed with this search and missing the most important thing: enjoying of pregnancy.

1. Extreme stress
Anxiety is a problem during pregnancy, caused by constant worries about the care that should be taken, as well as future anticipations about everything that the baby will require. Due to this, stress increases, directly affecting the mental stability of the mother and also raising her blood pressure levels, and it is that the advice, in this case, becomes a disease.

2. Low quality of well-being
As I mentioned before, the important thing is to enjoy the pregnancy and the experience of seeing and feeling the growth of your baby in your belly, but this is relegated to the background when you spend all your time on the computer looking for maternal information or immersed in books of 'how to be the perfect mom' and worrying about whether or not you'll do well.

This can affect the quality of maternal well-being, such as insomnia due to worries, lack of appetite or nutritional imbalance, social isolation, demotivation and compulsive behavior because of everything that, according to what has been read, must be 'perfect'.

3. Compulsive shopping
Many parents tend to fall into the trap of buying thousands of things that they think are necessary and when the time comes, they don't really use them, becoming wasted money that could be invested in something else. Among the most common things that parents buy compulsively are medicines, toys, baby accessories and foods. While in the pregnancy stage, it is usually for alternative classes for the time of delivery, experience talks, food and ingredients for homemade recipes.

How much of all this is really necessary during pregnancy? Surely you will be surprised to know that very very little, the important thing is to focus on what your specialist doctor recommends and the basic things. So don't succumb to anxiety and check the following tips:

- It is very substantial that if you have doubts about the best care for your health or concerns about your own and family medical history, check with your doctor to refer you to a specialist or give you the steps to follow.

- If you want to prepare, then do it with necessary elements. For yourself, buy healthy food, stay active, have comfortable and durable clothes and find a relaxing activity. For the baby, look for ideal clothes, buy diapers, nipples, medicines indicated by the doctor, accessories that you will use daily and not on certain occasions and a couple of toys that are durable and safe.

- To search for information, focus on simple tips that do not alter your routine or the doctor's advice, such as healthy diets, ideal exercises, body care, ideal rest, activities to do with your partner and routines to do with your baby that stimulates him.

Thus, both will be calmer and will be able to enjoy the pregnancy in a responsible and healthy way.

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