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Find out what babies hear in mothers' tummies

Find out what babies hear in mothers' tummies

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Mothers often wonder what happens to their baby when it is in their tummy and if it will find out everything that happens outside. Today I want to tell you about my experience as a pregnant woman and as a pediatrician around this topic so that you can discover what babies hear in mothers' bellies.

For as long as I can remember, I have heard that the baby inside the gut can hear the sounds of the mother such as the heartbeat, her circulation and also the voices that come from outside when they speak or sing to her. For all this, its stimulation is recommended from an early age so that its development and intrauterine growth is excellent And they even recommend placing music and if it is classical better, but what is true of all this?

Well I must tell you that yes it is true that the baby hears inside the womb and I confirm it because my experience as a pediatrician who receives newborns has led me to have many anecdotes on this subject. I remember one in particular that caught my attention, since after the baby was born and I showed it to its mother, making early attachment, the baby smiled when he heard the mother's voice.

I thought they were my ideas, but the mom confirmed it when she said: 'Oh, my baby smiled.' And he did the same when I showed it to the father, with him he also smiled, that is, he immediately recognized the voices of his parents, who later told me that when he was in the belly, they talked to him and stimulated him a lot, so I can attest that babies do hear from the womb.

Some authors say that from week 16 of intrauterine life and others from week 20. During those weeks the first thing he hears are the sounds inside the mothersuch as your heartbeat, blood flow, bowel sounds, breathing rate, and the sound your umbilical cord makes.

As of week 20, it has been proven that he can hear his mother's voice (from within), since it is observed in the ultrasound study that when the mother speaks to him, he increases his heart rate and body movements. From week 24 onwards, the sounds of the external environment can be picked up by the fetus, in a subtle way, and this is possible since your ears are fully formed.

It has also been proven by ultrasound that if the outside noises are very loud, it can increase your heart rate, your movements, your blinking and you can even make grimaces with your face, such as frowning.

Inside the belly, the intensity of the sounds arrive with 20 decibels less than what actually happens outside, since it is thought that the skin, the walls of the uterus and amniotic fluid muffle sounds; That is why when we are going to talk to our baby in the tummy, we cannot speak to him in a low tone of voice, because he would hardly hear, so we must speak or sing to him in a high tone and thus the stimulation will be more effective.

Many mothers ask me what kind of music would be most suitable for your little one. Regarding this, I also have an anecdote and it was with my second daughter, named Rocío Celeste. I remember that throughout the pregnancy I stimulated her with a Michael Jackson song called 'Will you be there'.

I would put headphones on my tummy, many times a day, and when she was born and she was crying, I would just hold the song close to her and immediately she would calm down and stop crying. That also made me verify that babies do hear in the womb.

Many say that the best music to stimulate him is classical (There is talk of the Mozart effect in babies), but in reality, when stimulating it with music, the important thing is that you also like it and it produces tranquility and relaxation, since when you achieve that state of calm, the blood flow to the placenta will improve and therefore be very beneficial for the health of your beautiful baby.

And finally, let me finish telling you the anecdote of my daughter Rocío Celeste. Years passed and my daughter did not continue to listen to Michael Jackson's songs, indeed, she never became interested in him as a singer, until his death happened. That day it was shocking to see how he sat down to watch the news on television and began to cry and search for his songs. She became a fan of him after his death, it was like she remembered him and associated him with her life inside the belly.

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