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Wolverine. A story that teaches children that appearances can be deceiving

Wolverine. A story that teaches children that appearances can be deceiving

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Wolverine is a wolf who wants to play with sheep. He would like to run and laugh with the flock, but the sheep are very afraid of him. Until one day, Wolverine dares to go down and befriends a little lamb. Do you want to know what happens? This tale teach children that appearances can be deceiving and that that fierce looking wolf can actually have a big heart and be a lot of fun.

Every day from the top of the hill, hidden among the trees, Wolverine watched the flock. She liked to see how sheep played with each other, how they ran amusingly after the lambs and goats, and how everyone obeyed the orders of the guard dogs. One day he heard his wolf father speak:

- Do not get attached to them; If one day we should not eat, we will have no choice but to go down to his fold and eat any of them.

Wolverine looked closely at his father thinking it was a practical joke.

One morning, without his parents knowing it, Wolverine decided to go down to the meadow and visit the herd: he would like to play with all of them.

He came up with a stealthy leap, and the sheep and lambs fled in terror, the goats ran madly, even the dogs that looked after them ran away with their tails between their legs.

Wolverine didn't understand why his presence caused such a fuss.

- Helloooooo! Am I afraid of you? - He said shouting to be heard.

- Helloooooo! I'm wolverine - was presented.

Little by little the silence fell.

- I come to meet you. I see you play every day from the mountain. Can I play with you? . he said lowering his voice a little.

Then a small lamb appeared.

- Hello little lamb! - He said with a big smile.

Seeing its sharp teeth the little lamb recoiled.

Fear not, i just wanna make friends - He spoke again.

The little lamb, more confident, stood by his side, looking him up and down.

'This wolf doesn't look as fierce as we are painted,' thought the little lamb, which was the first time he had seen a wolf up close.

- Where do you come from, Wolverine? she asked him.

- I live in the mountains, with my parents; They don't know I'm here - he answered.

Then a grandmother sheep appeared.

It's not good that you escaped Wolverine! - He scolded him.

- I just want to play with you - said the little wolf pouting.

They all realized that Wolverine was not going to do them any harm. Little by little they came out of their hiding places and began to ask him many questions. After a while they saw that Wolverine, besides being good, was very funny.

Suddenly the shepherd arrived, who, notified by the guard dogs, presented himself with a shotgun ready to shoot Wolverine.

- Nooooooooooo! Do not kill him! He's a good wolf! - They all shouted nervous.

The little lamb and his sheep grandmother were the first to stand in front of Wolverine to protect him. The pastor lowered the gun in confusion and listened to the story of Wolverine who, despite seeing the shotgun, was not afraid.

Since that day, every morning Wolverine came down to play with the flock And, although his parents found out, seeing that he was not in danger and was so happy there, they let him visit his friends every day.

Are you sure your children have been paying attention to the story while you were reading it? Ask them these 'true or false' questions about the story to find out.

- Wolverine liked to watch sheep and lambs.

- Wolverine was dying to eat one of those sheep.

- All the sheep were very scared when they saw Wolverine.

- Soon, a little lamb befriended Wolverine.

- After the incident with the shepherd, the wolf did not see his friends the sheep again.

As you have seen, this story does not show that evil figure of the wolf that we are used to seeing in a large part of popular children's stories. Turning the stories around is a very original way to attract children's attention and see the story from another point of view. These are some of the benefits of turn conventional stories around.

1. Children realize that there are different ways of looking at a single thing. And that this thing varies according to the person who sees it.

2. It is a very interesting exercise in empathy that invites children to understand the perception of other characters beyond the usual protagonists.

3. It is a very creative way to develop your imagination, but also ours that we must invent a different story.

4. Backward stories are usually very funny because they pose spontaneous and unconventional situations.

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