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Saint Patrick's Day, August 25. Names for girls

Saint Patrick's Day, August 25. Names for girls

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Patricia is a name of Latin origin that means 'the one who is noble'. We are facing one of the most beautiful names for girls due to its musicality and the emotionality it gives off, so it can be ideal for your daughter. Although it has a long tradition, Patricia remains one of the frequent names for that original and sophisticated touch. Celebrate your name day August 25, which is the day of Santa Patricia of Naples or Constantinople.

He August 25th It is a day to be celebrated by all those who have a Patricia in the family. This is the date on which the special day of Saint Patricia of Constantinople, also known as Santa Patricia de Naples. Not many details of the life of this saint are known, although experts agree that she was born into a wealthy family related to Emperor Constantine I.

When they tried to marry her to a man she did not love (since he had made a vow of virginity), she decided to break with her life and embark on a simpler, more humble and no-frills path. Tradition has it that every August 25, the relic of the saint's blood becomes liquid again.

Some women named Patricia too celebrate their birthday on March 17, Saint Patrick's day. This saint is the patron saint of Ireland, so it is common to dress in green and, if you are lucky, you might see a leprechaun with a cauldron full of coins and rainbows.

Santa Patricia is just one of the names that her saints celebrate in August, but there are others:

  • August 4, San Rubén
  • August 7, San Cayetano
  • August 9, San Arturo
  • August 10, San Lorenzo
  • August 11, Santa Clara
  • August 15, Day of the Virgin of the Assumption
  • August 18, Santa Elena
  • August 19, St. Louis
  • August 23, Santa Rosa
  • August 25, Santa Patricia
  • August 27, Santa Monica
  • August 31, San Ramón

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And, before going on to tell you more curiosities about the name Patricia, let's talk about numerology. According to this, the number that corresponds to Patricia's name is 5. Why? Well, because it is the number that each of its letters add up according to the position they occupy in the alphabet.

Numerology explains that all those babies who have 5 as their reference number highly value freedom, in every way. They are one of those children who are always trying to get out of the stroller or who like to be at their own pace. But if there is something that characterizes these little ones, like Patricia, it is that they have an overflowing energy. They don't stop moving all day!

On the other hand, children who wear 5 they are usually good leaders, which makes them have many friends. You could say that these babies are a lot of fun as they are always looking for the joke and smile of others. Thanks to this and to that charismatic personality that they build as they get older, they manage to earn the trust of everyone who knows them.

As we have already told you, the meaning of this name is 'the one who is noble'. But do you know why? As you may have imagined Patricia refers to the patricians, which was the privileged social class in Roman times.

This has caused this nickname to spread to many countries. The name Patricia is known throughout the world with hardly any variations thanks to the Latin tradition. It is a frequent name both in the Hispanic world and in the Anglo-Saxon world and its different diminutives are very familiar to us Patri, Pat, Patty, Patsi or even Tricia. The variant of Patricia is Patricio, a name that is not as common as the female version.

But we also know many charismatic women who are named after your daughter, such as:

  • Writer Patricia Highsmith
  • The actresses Patricia Arquette or Patricia Montero
  • US singer Patti Smith

Settling on just one name to call your daughter can be difficult. What if the little girl doesn't like him later and feels ashamed for the rest of her life? It is for this reason that some parents decide to give their babies a compound name. Plus, it's a nice way to honor multiple people in the family.

If this is your case and you are clear that one of these names you want to be Patricia, below we have prepared a small list with some ideas that could serve as inspiration. In some cases, the name Patricia comes first, but in others we propose it as a middle name.

  • Patricia irene
    This combination is very successful, since they are two names with a long tradition, but they still sound modern. Irene is a name of Greek origin that means 'peace'.
  • Patricia lorena
    How about calling your daughter Lorena? This name, which is often shortened to Lore, is of French origin and refers to the French region of Lorraine.
  • Patricia esther
    Esther, which many parents also write as Esther, is a name of Sumerian origin, nothing more and nothing less. Its meaning is very beautiful: 'star or celestial star'.
  • Maria Patricia
    This is one of the most classic combinations to form a compound name. Is it because it is the prettiest? Mary is a Hebrew name that refers to the Virgin.
  • Ana Patricia
    Ana is also one of those names that are often used to form compound names. You should know that Ana comes from Hebrew and means 'compassionate or full of grace'.
  • Diana Patricia
    And, finally, we propose these two names. Did you know that Diana is a name of Latin origin that comes to mean 'the one who carries clarity'?

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If you are thinking of naming your baby Patricia, it is because you usually like girls' names that are long. Patricia has 8 letters, which is not little! Before definitely choosing it, we suggest that you take into account other options that are just as beautiful and that are also very long. They all have diminutives, like Patri de Patricia.

  • Lily
    Have you ever seen the cute lily flower? Is beautiful! This is reason enough to choose this name for a baby girl. In any case, you will like to know that its origin is Arabic. Its diminutive, as you may have imagined, is Azu.
  • Alexandra
    This name, which is often shortened to Alex, is of Greek origin and means 'the one who protects man'. His saints are celebrated on days like March 20, May 18 and July 27.
  • Barbara
    This long name sounds powerful and powerful. It means 'stranger', since that is how foreigners were called. It is of Greek origin and its saints are celebrated at the beginning of December, more specifically on the 4th. To those who find this name too long, they use the diminutive Barbi.
  • Fabiola
    This is one of those names that, although it has been used for many decades, has now become fashionable again. Without a doubt, this is due to its sound and the elegance it transmits. It is a name that has Latin origin and refers to the bean pickers. Fabi is used as a diminutive.
  • Geneva
    If you are looking for a name that has a lot of history, this is Geneva, as the queen of King Arthur. Its origin is Celtiberian and means something like 'that which is white and beautiful'. Many shorten this beautiful name to Gin (often pronounced 'yin').

And finally, a reminder: remember to congratulate all the girls who have the name Patricia, because it is the day of Santa Patricia in Naples!

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