Why is the maternal grandmother so important to a child

Why is the maternal grandmother so important to a child

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Grandparents play an essential role in the family. But among all, there is one whose influence stands out: maternal grandmother.

Your child may get along better or worse with his maternal grandmother. Let him see her less or more. Let him feel more or less affinity for her. But what you may not know is the significant genetic load left behind by his grandchildren. We explain the theory of the Chilean essayist Alejandro Jodorowsky.

The maternal grandmother is in charge of transferring most genetic load of all grandparents. And you know that saying about 'genetics skips a generation'. Therefore, many children do not look like their parents ... but their grandparents. And even if physically your child does not resemble his maternal grandmother, he can never deny that he inherited many other things, such as a certain problem with his bones, a tic, a mole, that tone of voice ...

According to JodoroskyThe explanation is very simple: when a woman becomes pregnant with a girl, the girl has already formed the oocytes from before being born from which thousands and thousands of eggs will emerge throughout her adult life. Those oocytes in turn have a great genetic load from their mother ... and from their grandmother!

The Chilean essayist goes even further and assures that in the DNA that maternal grandmothers transfer to their grandchildren, not only are physical traits, a possible hereditary disease or gestures, but also temperament or even the experiences she had when she was pregnant with her daughter. That is, if the maternal grandmother went through a difficult situation in her pregnancy, or suffered depression during pregnancy, this can influence her daughter's children.

Keep in mind that the eggs contribute in addition to the genetic load, mitochondrial information (while the sperm lacks it). This information is only inherited from mothers (or grandmothers), and represents an additional genetic load

Faced with this theory of Alejandro Jodorowsky, however, they are the most recent studies, which ensure that the genetic load transferred by man, although less, has more weight and determination, especially in the case of certain inherited diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity or schizophrenia.

Genetics at the end of the day will not stop being a convoluted network, a lottery, a series of cards at the mercy of chance.

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