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Santa Tamara Day, September 1. Names for girls

Santa Tamara Day, September 1. Names for girls

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Tamara is a name for a girl of Hebrew origin whose meaning is related to the palm tree. There are also those who understand that the name your girl means 'the protector'. It is a name that in recent years has acquired great popularity to become a frequent name, liked for its simplicity and musicality. Celebrate your name day on September 1, which is the day of Santa Tamara.

For the meaning of your name, Tamara has a charismatic and emotional personality that exerts a great influence on others. Her success in social relationships is based on her sympathy and wit, qualities that make her stand out in any environment. In addition, Tamara has a sweet and optimistic character that makes her an indispensable family figure.

The name Tamara is known throughout the world with hardly any variations thanks to the Hebrew tradition. Tamar is her other known variant as well as her diminutive Tammy. The form Tamara, however, does not come directly from Hebrew, but it is the Slavic domain that has transmitted it to make this name one of the most popular.

It may help you to choose your baby's name the amount of charismatic women who have worn and bear the name Tamara. Belonging to the Russian tradition, we find women of the stature of the pianist Tamara Skliutovskaya or the dancer Tamara Karsavina.

More current we have the Spanish singer Tamara, the dancer Tamara Rojo or one of Isabel Preyser's daughters, Tamara Falcó. But Tamara is also a variety of date tree and we know the fruit of the Tamarind, a tropical tree, whose meaning is actually 'Inida date'.

Another way to get to know better what your daughter will be like is through the numbers. Each letter corresponds to a digit and, adding them all together, we find that the one that will govern this little girl's life is 9, a number that is related to intelligent people who are eager for continuous curiosity.

They are usually quite self-confident girls who stand out in every group they enter. Also, on a positive side, we have to say that they are quite understanding and very tolerant, which makes them have friends of different races, nationalities or political ideas.

But number 9 also has some aspects to polish and improve, such as their lack of generosity (they have a reputation for being capricious and spoiled people), but also their ability to quickly become frustrated. They are used to getting everything they want and when things don't go their way, better stay off their radar!

If you are parents who like compound names, you have to know which ones with the best combinations with your daughter's name. It will cost you to choose!

Tamara as first name

  • Tamara Abigail: It will be great because it is another name of Hebrew origin. In this case, its meaning is 'the joy of my father'.
  • Tamara alicia: It comes from the Greek and means truth. We love!
  • Tamara Cristina: 'The one who follows Christ' is the meaning of this beautiful name with Greek origin.
  • Tamara Erika: It is of Germanic origin and its translation is 'the eternal princess'.
  • Tamara Gloria: Its six letters say it all, the only thing to add is that this female name is of Latin origin.

Tamara as middle name

  • Ana Tamara: It is one of the most frequent names among new parents for its simplicity and also for its meaning: 'full of grace and compassion'.
  • Blanca Tamara: This name is related to kindness, that's why it will suit him great next to Tamara.
  • Carmen Tamara: Names with great biblical tradition for the Virgen del Carmen.
  • Eva Tamara: Of Hebrew origin, it means that which gives life.
  • Gabriela Tamara: The female version of Gabriel, this female name is said to belong to sensible women.

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Tamara is, along with Arturo, Abigail, Josué, Sixto, Terencio, Verena, the names of saints who celebrate their birthday on the first day of September, but throughout the ninth month of the year, but there are many more that you should have noted in your phone book.

  • September 2, Raquel
  • September 3, Dorotea
  • September 4, Consuelo
  • September 5, Sancho
  • September 6, Diego
  • September 7, Regina
  • September 8, Nuria
  • September 9, Aránzazu
  • September 10, Job
  • September 11, Emiliano
  • September 12, Sweet
  • September 13, Beloved
  • September 14, Claudio
  • September 15, Dolores
  • September 16, Edith
  • September 17, Ariadna
  • September 18, Sofia
  • September 19, Jenaro
  • September 20, Imelda
  • September 21, Mateo
  • September 22, Mauritius
  • September 23, Thecla
  • September 24, Mercedes
  • September 25, Andrea
  • September 26, Eusebio
  • September 27, Florentino
  • September 28, Simon
  • September 29, Miguel
  • September 30, Jerome

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