Homemade world map to go around the world. Children's crafts

Homemade world map to go around the world. Children's crafts

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We love maps! And you? And your children? As we know that the answers are affirmative, below we teach you how to make your own Homemade world map that will allow you to learn while you go around the world. This type of children's crafts provide many benefits to children but, in addition, they offer them very valuable knowledge. This time, we study geography!

Do not panic, because we are going to go step by step. The materials that we are going to use are very easy to obtain and the procedure very easy to follow. We recommend that you get down to work as a family, as a great team! Remember that you can adapt this DIY craft to the age of your children. Have you wanted to have a giant map at home? Well, do not stay with the desire!


  • Blue 65cmx50cm eva rubber sheet
  • Colored eva rubber sheets
  • Permanent marker and pencil
  • Scissors and glue
  • Velcro

We get down to business in 3, 2, 1 ... now!

1. The first thing is planning. I recommend that you start by organizing the material you have and making an outline of what you would like to work on with your children.

We have decided to focus on the colors, the name and the location of the oceans and the continents. We have also chosen a country in each continent to know its capital. The important thing is that, before starting, you are clear about what information you are going to want to include on your world map so that later it is not chaos.

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2. To start building this craft, you have to draw the continents on the foam of the different colors. We have made each continent a different color. How big do the continents have to be? You must take as a base the light blue eva rubber sheet, which is what you will use as a base. This will be the sea.

You can draw the continents freehand, look for templates or look at ours. They do not have to be perfect, the idea is that children have fun, draw, cut out and learn to differentiate the oceans, the continents and to locate them on the map.

To do this, you can use the green eva rubber plates and draw America; North America in light green and South America in dark green; Africa in yellow. Europe in red, Asia in orange and Oceania in purple. How about?

Your map is taking shape! If you want, you can add Antarctica in dark blue eva rubber.

We advise you to use half of each eva rubber sheet and reserve the other half for later because you will need it.

3. Now, you have to place the continents on the eva rubber sheet 65 cm x 50 cm in light blue color and begin gluing. We recommend using a resistant glue, but you can use stick glue as long as you make sure it sticks well.

Another option is to use adhesive eva rubber sheets. Children love this type of foam because it reminds them of stickers! But we have used the material we had at home to encourage recycling.

4. The next step is choose a country and its capital from each of the continents. And how about completing the map by choosing an animal and a food characteristic of each continent? In this way, your children will not only learn geography but also some features of the different continents.

It is very simple! Keep in mind that children begin by associating by colors, so we are going to use the pieces of eva rubber corresponding to each continent to do the following.

Choose a continent, and see what color it is on your map. Next, take the corresponding piece of eva rubber. Then choose a country from that continent, the one you like the most, or perhaps one that you would like to know.

Look for its capital and information about its fauna and gastronomy. For example, we are going to travel to Asia! Imagine that you have become explorers.

- Asia
Asia has 48 countries! We are going to meet China, but maybe you like India more, or maybe you want to know Mongolia.

China's capital is Beijing, and pandas, it turns out, are indigenous to China. We have also learned that sushi comes from ancient China, although it is believed to be typical of Japan, so we have prepared a card on orange foam, which corresponds to the color we have assigned to Asia, and we have pasted the name of the continent, the name of the country that we have chosen with its capital, a drawing of a panda bear, and a picture of a sushi plate. What is easy? And very productive.

To make this step more practical, you can collect all the necessary information from each continent and prepare it for printing and cutting. Signs and drawings can also be done by hand. As you like the most! The ideal is to divide the work, but we provide you with some information that can help you.

- North America
North America is made up of 3 countries, our world map we have chosen the United States, whose capital is Washington D.C.

They say that in this country there is the beach most full of sharks, and that donuts are one of the most popular and appreciated sweets among North Americans; So much so, that in the United States they celebrate National Donuts Day!

- South America
South America contains 12 countries. Brazil, whose capital is Brasilia, is the largest country in South America, and there, in South America, the flamingos reside, beautiful pink birds that have become as fashionable as unicorns. Dulce de leche is also well known, a traditional Latin American delicacy that few of us can resist mmm ...

- Africa
In Africa, we find 54 countries! Did you know that Cape Town which is a capital of South Africa is the most popular tourist destination in Africa? It is also the second most populated city in that area, and the legislative capital, where government headquarters are located. The staple food par excellence is couscous and the giraffe is one of the most characteristic and unmistakable animals on the continent. That is why we have chosen it for our world map!

- Europe
Europe has 50 countries. Belgium is one of the main ones, its capital is Brussels, there is the main administrative headquarters of the European Union. On the other hand, to represent the fauna of this continent, we have chosen the otters, because we have found out that after 50 years they have disappeared. They have finally returned to Spain, more specifically to Madrid, through the Manzanares River. Welcome! And as a representative food, one of the children's favorites, pasta! of Italian origin.

- Oceania
We only need Oceania, which has 14 countries. The best known is Australia, its capital is called Canberra; equally well known are the kangaroo jumps and roast beef, which is a very traditional dish in that area.

The bell rang, geography and curiosities class is over because the time has come to cut out all the tiles. You remember?

5. Cut out and glue velcro stitches on the back of each of the cards (countries, capitals, animals and recipes). We recommend using adhesive velcro because it is more resistant to pulling.

6. After, place velcro points on the map. You can guide yourself by overlapping the tiles on the surface before gluing them. Then write the name of the oceans with a permanent marker.

And finally! Time to learn while playing! Younger children will enjoy taking the tiles out of their box, placing them on the color map, and removing them again. The older ones will learn in an original way that will be more entertaining, and if you have children over 12 years old, you can propose a challenge and make extra cards with more information in a different color, for example pink, in this way they will use their memory .

If you have not yet decided to do this craft, the following reasons will convince you.

- Maps provide a lot of knowledge
Maps are a wonderful educational tool for children of any age to learn and expand their vision of the world we inhabit. Thanks to them, children can learn the name and location of the oceans, the continents, their countries and their capitals.

They can also learn the name and course of the main rivers that flow through our planet and where the highest peaks are.

They can learn the great cultural diversity that we have the opportunity to know and enjoy; languages, traditions, gastronomy ... even getting to know the fauna and flora characteristic of each area and the wonders of the world!

- You will add a beautiful decoration for home
This map, in addition to being a great educational resource, can become a very original and practical decorative element for the home!

- You can have a great time with your family
By doing this craft all together, you will have a great time as a family. Not only will you be able to create an educational game that the little ones can use as many times as they want, but you will also share quality time.

- Crafts favor concentration
With activities like this you can work the concentration of children, but also of adults! And it is that we will all stop in our hectic life to do creative work. So inspiring!

- You will work manual dexterity
In the case of younger children, these types of crafts (which should always be done under adult supervision) are a great exercise to practice manual dexterity or fine psychomotrocity.

We hope you travel around the world many times with this homemade world map!

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