Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol for Children

Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol for Children

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This Christmas Carol was written by Charles dickens in 1843 and bore the original title of Christmas carol (Christmas song) and tells the story of an evil and sullen man who changes his way of being during a cold Christmas due to the visit of three ghosts. It is a perfect Christmas story to educate children in the value of kindness and generosity.

Ebenezer Scrooge he was a businessman and his only partner, Marley, had died. Scrooge was an old and friendless person. He lived in his world He liked nothing and less Christmas, he said they were bullshit. He had a routine where he did the same thing every day: walk around the same place without anyone stopping to greet him.

It was Christmas Eve, everyone was busy shopping for presents and preparing Christmas dinner. Scrooge was in his office as always with the door open watching his clerk, who was passing some clean letters, and suddenly his nephew arrived wishing him a merry Christmas, but he did not receive him in a good way but on the contrary, his nephew invited him to spend Christmas night with them, but he despised it saying that it was rubbish.

His clerk named Bob Cratchit kept working late even though it was Christmas nightScrooge told him the day after Christmas he would have to arrive earlier than usual to make up the holiday.

Scrooge lived in a cold and dreary building like himself. When something very strange happened in his room: a ghost appeared to himThere was no doubt who that spectrum was, he could not confuse him, it was his partner, Jacobo Marley told him that he was there to make him reconsider how he lived because now he had to suffer for the life he had previously had. He told him that in the following nights 3 spirits would come to visit him.

On the first night, the first spirit arrived, it was the spirit of christmas pastHe took him to the place where he had grown up and showed him various places and past Christmases, when he worked in an apprentice shop; another time where he was in a very lonely and sad room and it also reminded him of his sister, whom he loved very much.

On the second night he waited for the second spirit. There was a very big light coming from the other room, Scrooge entered it, the walls were green and there were thousands of food dishes and a giant with a glowing torch, It was the spirit of Christmas present.

Both were transported to the center of town where there was a lot of movement: the open shops and people buying things for Christmas dinner. Then he took him to Bob Cratchit's house and saw his family and how happy they were even though They were poor and that her son, little Tim, was sick. Finally he takes him to his nephew Fred's house where he saw how they all enjoyed and enjoyed Christmas night eating, laughing and playing. After this he returned to his room.

The next night, he waited for the last spirit, but it was dark and he never saw his face. It was him future christmas spirit, who showed him on the streets that people were talking about someone having died. Then he took him to a place where some people were selling the possessions of the man who had died, and he also showed him the house of his employee Bob where he could see that his youngest son had died and that everyone was very sad.

Finally, he took him to see the corpse of this man who was in his bed covered with a sheet, and in the end, he discovered who was the man who had died ... It was himself, Ebenezer Scrooge.

When he woke up he realized that It had all been a dream And that that day was Christmas Day, he woke up with great joy, he told a boy he saw on the street to go and buy the largest turkey and send it to Bob Cratchit's house.

He went out with his best clothes very happy because he could change and went to his nephew's house, when he arrived he greeted him and told him that he had gone to eat and he was with them having a great time. The next day in the morning he gave his worker a raise and from then on he was a good man whom everyone loved. Bob's youngest son, little Tim, screams with delight. And may God bless us all!

Reading comprehension is one of the bases of learning to read in children.

Find out if your children have understood the story through these simple questions:

- Who was the first ghost that appeared?

- What did Mr. Scrooge see in his future?

- Why did the three ghosts of Christmas visit you?

- What did Mr. Scrooge learn from these visits?

- What have you learned from this story?

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