The friend of the Child Jesus. Christmas children's poem about generosity

The friend of the Child Jesus. Christmas children's poem about generosity

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Any time of the year is a good time to educate children in values. These teachings are essential for the present of the little ones, but also for their future. And it is that they give them a guide to good and bad behaviors. Along these lines, Marisa Alonso has written a beautiful Christmas children's poem entitled 'El amigo del Niño Jesús'. This nursery rhyme talks about a little boy who, with all generosity, decides to give a very special and necessary gift to the Christ Child.

The poem that we propose below has three stanzas of four lines. By not being too long, we can encourage children to memorize it. A video of them reciting these verses can be a beautiful greeting for the family. You will surely be very excited to receive the images by message or email.

Also, this poetry is an excellent educational resource that teachers can use in the classroom. There are many activities that can be proposed from the poem. From his reading aloud, to a group recital or his illustration. You can even continue the poem with more stanzas by telling the next visit of the child who is the protagonist of the verses. Would you dare to represent the scene, both this and the ones that you invent?

But, before doing any kind of activity, enjoy the verses!

A child approaches the crib

sneeze several times,

achuus, achuuus, achuuus.

Jesusito are you cold?

I lend you my jersey

even if you are a little big

you can cover yourself with it.

laughs his friend too,

and when letting go of his hand

has shouted: I will return!

In this poem, the child teaches us a very important lesson in generosity. Overloaded by the Christmas spirit, it is easier to be supportive this Christmas time. However, this is a value that we must teach children throughout the year. How? Try reading these stories and poems with your children. They will help you to reflect as a family on our behavior.

1. A lettuce is not a dish
No child is born being generous, it is a quality that is learned as we grow up, especially from example. However, a very useful educational resource is this story starring a boy named Matías and a funny worm.

2. The cunning mouse
This is a beautiful play in which children will learn what generosity is. It is carried out by some animals, who are friends, and who face a little mouse that wants to take advantage of them. This play is great to perform as a family or in the classroom, but you can also simply read it as if it were a story.

3. The girl's shoes
The girl's shoes are already too damaged and she has to buy new ones. But her neighbor, who has less money, also needs one. What will happen? Don't miss this poem and the story it tells.

4. Changes of plans
Carla and Daniel's family broke down their car when they went to dinner with their grandparents. In the shelter where they stayed, they met a family without resources who was not going to be able to spend a Christmas full of gifts. This is how they reacted and what an important lesson they taught their own children. Share this story with your children to reflect on the need to help people in need.

Merry and poetic Christmas everyone!

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