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The reconciliation. Short story for children who always get angry

The reconciliation. Short story for children who always get angry

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Many times they don't know why, but our children come home telling us that they have gotten angry with their best friend and that they will never speak to him again. As parents, we have to show them everything that they miss while they are upset with their partner. For this, we offer you a beautiful short story called 'The relationship ', which is thinking for children who always get angry. The story also highlights the importance of having close friends. They are always there to help us when we need them the most! Long live friendship!

They had not spoken to each other for a long time, so much so that they no longer remembered the cause of the anger: They were both equally stubborn!

Snake and Toad crossed each other daily on the path of the mammoth on the way to the river, and they always looked the other way, thus avoiding meeting each other's eyes.

Giraffe, a friend of the two, suffered a lot with this situation.

One day Girafa had the idea of ​​doing something to make them reconcile and he went to talk to Culebra first:

- Why don't you love Toad? He's looking forward to being your friend, ”she told him.

Days later he went to talk to Sapo:

- Why don't you love Culebra? She's looking forward to making up with you, ”he told her too.

The next morning Culebra and Sapo met on the mammoth trail, as usual, and this time they had a fleeting meeting of glances.

On the fifth day when they crossed, Culebra smiled slightly at Sapo, and when he realized it, he returned a shy smile.

It so happened that that afternoon they met in the clearing in the orangutan forest, and for the first time in many months they greeted each other.

During these days, Girafa told Sapo and Culebra how much they wanted to be friends again and end this silly situation.

Within a week, Sapo and Culebra found it not so uncomfortable to meet.

One afternoon Toad went to the river to drink and refresh himself, and inadvertently he got entangled in some ivy and began to sink into the water.

- Help! Help! He yelled very scared.

Giraffe, witnessing the scene, began to spin around without knowing what to do, and then, Culebra, who was asleep sunbathing on the shore, opened her eyes, and quickly crawled towards Sapo He pulled him out of the river preventing him from drowning.

- Thanks Culebra! Sapo said excitedly, seeing that it was she who had saved him from certain death, and gave him a big hug. Giraffe, very happy, made promise to Toad and Snake who would never speak of their anger againTherefore, they never discovered their game to reconcile them.

After reading the story, we have to make sure that the message has reached our little ones. To do this, here we propose some reading comprehension questions so that your child understands this story better.

1. What happened to Sapo and Culebra? Why don't they talk to each other?

2. Who is Giraffe and what does he do to change everything?

3. What dangerous situation does Sapo live in?

4. What happens to make Sapo and Culebra friends again?

How we believe that we must teach children the true value of friendship, we have many other stories, fables and poetry that can be very useful to work on this concept.

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