Feeding for babies 1 to 2 years

Feeding for babies 1 to 2 years

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At the time of his first year, the baby begins a new stage in his feeding. At this age the child can already eat all kinds of food, apart from being able to acquire healthy habits.

Little by little, the child will be able to chew chopped food and enjoy everything he eats, sharing a table with the rest of the family. You can also experience a more complete meal, with a first course (vegetable puree, soups, etc.), a second (meats, eggs, etc.), and a dessert (yogurt, fruit, etc.)

The nutritional needs of a child will depend on its development, its weight and measurements, and also its degree of activity, if it walks, crawls, etc. In general, you should ingest:

- Calories - 1,200 to 1,300 Kcal / day
- Protein - 25 to 30 gr / day
- Carbohydrates - 100 to 160 gr / day
- Fats - 35 to 45 gr / day

Between the first and second year of life, milk is a very important food to meet babies' daily vitamin D needs. At this age the baby will need 500cc to 700cc of whole milk per day. You can also replace part of the milk with dairy products such as yogurt, cheeses and others. Ideally, the baby will leave the bottle to go to drink milk in a glass or cup.

Besides milk, it is important to offer a variety of new foods to your baby. The quality of the food should be monitored and not so much the quantities. It is important that babies eat cereals daily, since it provides iron, eat 2 servings of raw or cooked vegetables, a serving of fruit, 50 to 100 grams of meat, and that they sit at the table with the family, at least once a day.

Babies at this age still imitate the good habits of adults. Additionally, parents will be able to monitor their baby for choking or staining. The quality of the food is the most important. Foods or preparations that are highly seasoned, spicy, salty or sugary should be avoided.






Half a cup of milk

whole cow

A yogurt

Half a cup of salad

cooked carrot

and tomato with olive oil

30 gr of fresh cheese

or petit suisse

Half a cup of pasta

with grated cheese

60 - 120 gr. cereal


Half slice

whole wheat bread

80 - 100 gr. of chicken


Half a cup of pear



of an egg

Half a cup of apple


Half a cup of pear


Half a cup of rice

with zucchini


Half slice

whole wheat bread

60 - 100 gr. spinach

sautéed with oil

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